Gaming Advice

This site is a site for gaming advice! If you need help with most things related to games and TV, I can give you advice. I’m good at most Nintendo games, e.g., Breath of the Wild. I’m also good at Playstation and FPS (First Person Shooters) like Danganronpa and TF2, Rainbow6 Siege, or Overwatch.

Breath of the Wild

If you need help with Guardians, Shrines, Bosses, dragon spawns, or anything really, I can help. I will tell you everything about the one subject you need help with, what it relates to, and probably a video from Youtube, too.




If you need help with what character is the best by stats (and probably by opinion), or which DLC to buy, or how to deal with cheaters, I can do that for you, too.



If you want to do and experimental Death Battle, which is appropriate for your friends, or you just have questions, I have links that can give. And of course I’ll tell you everything I know about it. Thx!


By, of course, Sean Parsons.